Bacterial & Viral barrier - blue colour polymeric film tape


Product: self-adhesive plastic tape

Product number: BVBT 1950 B

Description: Bacterial & Viral barrier - blue colour polymeric film tape

HSN Code: 39191000

Size: 24mm X 50 meters

Packing: 80 rolls per carton 

Payment Terms: 100 % advance only

+ GST as applicable (currently 18 %)

+ Transportation as per actuals (Ex-factory MUMBAI basis only) You may have to arrange for transportation.

Box Dimension 13 inches X 13 inches X 22 inches Box weight: 18 kilograms

Recommended Procedure / Guidelines for application of BVBT 1950 B Tape for seam sealing

BVBT 1950 B is a pressure sensitive tape and requires pressure to offer the best results.

oRemove the backing paper / release paper to expose the adhesive

oThe adhesive area of the tape must be aligned on the stitching / seam area of the apparel / coverall

oOne must apply sufficient mechanical pressure (ideally under rubber roller though a machine) to apply the tape on the stitching / seam area

oHow to decide how much pressure is sufficient ?

Follow the simple guideline to check if the pasting is absolutely in order to provide the best results.

I.After applying the sufficient pressure, conduct a peel off test by hand

II.Pull out a part of the tape to develop enough hand grip

III.Try to pull off the tape from the fabric and check if there is a fiber tear off or lamination tear 

IV.The pressure to pull off the tape should be greater than easy pull off

V.In case the above result is not achieved please increase the pressure

VI.Continue the above test until you receive the above results.

 NOTE: We do not recommend manual application of BVBT 1950 B tape as the pressure cannot be uniform when applied by hand / manually and hence there could be a possible leakage through the seam area. Please be a responsible manufacturer of apparels / coveralls